Greg Baugues


Fourteen year-old Ahmed Mohamed from Irving, TX was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school.

He wanted to proudly show off his electronics skills to his teacher. “I made a clock. It was really easy, I wanted to show her something small at first. But it took a wrong point and they thought it was a bomb, so I got arrested for a hoax bomb.”


Last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at PyOhio about how I taught my dog to text me selfies. If this talk had a subtitle it would be something like “An introduction to hardware hacking using the Arduino Yun and Python.”

Getting Unstuck

This is from the fifth issue of my “weekly” newsletter on Developers and Depression.

I started this newsletter seven weeks ago with a goal to ship an edition every weekend. I told myself that even if it was just a couple hundred words and a handful of links, momentum was more important than perfection. And four weeks in a row, I shipped.

But then I spent a week at Twilio HQ in SF and was busy morning ‘til night. I flew back to Chicago late on a Friday, then rolled right into a 24 hour hackathon twelve hours later. I tried to squeeze out a newsletter in-between helping folks with their hacks, but I had set the bar too high.

Floor Bed

We moved into a two bedroom apartment a few months ago. Prior to that, Rachel and I had been sharing a bedroom with Emma, who either slept with us in our bed1, or in a bassinet next to it (but mostly the former).

Once we got a second bedroom, we did what 99.9% of American parents do and got ourselves a crib. More accurately, Rachel’s parents kindly purchased one for us at a yard sale (cribs seem far too expensive and ubiquitous to purchase new), drove it nine hours from Buffalo to Chicago, then assembled it for us in Emma’s room.

For months we had dreamed of the day when Emma would have her own room (or rather, when we would have our own room). But once that day arrived and her crib was finally set up, there were a few things that didn’t feel quite right.

For starters, after months of having Emma right there next to us, putting her into a crib felt a lot like putting her into prison: