Greg Baugues

What Do Developer Evangelists Do?

A lot of folks ask me that question. Developers ask me that. Friends and family ask me that. The Wall Street Journal just published one of the best descriptions I’ve seen of what our developer evangelism team does:

Twilio participated in more than 500 developer events last year to grow its community. The company now counts nearly 560,000 developers in its community–or roughly double the number registered a year ago–thanks in large part to participating at university hackathons, educational conferences, workshops, meetups and other social events.

If You’re Going to Sell Your Integrity, Get a Good Price

“Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods.”
-Thomas Paine

I bought some headphones off of Amazon the other day. Wore them, decided I’d rather stick with my tried and true Bose QC-15s. On the return process there’s a dropdown that says, “Why are you returning this item?” If you select Accidental order or Unauthorized purchase you don’t have to pay return shipping. If you select No longer needed/wanted it’ll cost you $5.

There’s this internal struggle. Online returns should be free, right? It’s the cost of not having a showroom, right? Besides, it’s only $5. Not like Amazon’s not going to miss it, right?